Welcome to FTCKids!
FTC Kids is the name of our children’s ministry here at Faith Tabernacle. This covers children from the nursery all the way up through 5th grade! Our FTC Kids ministry meets every Sunday, during the morning message in our newly redesigned Kids Center! Upon arrival, you will go to the check in desk and check your child in then take them to the appropriate classroom. In their classrooms they will have fun, and be engaged as they learn about the Bible, through the Gospel Project curriculum! The great thing about this curriculum is that every class does the same thing, (higher grades get more in depth teaching) so if you have a child in kindergarten and 4th grade, they could talk about the things they learned in Sunday school together!


On the 4th Sunday of every month, we have a time called, “Momentum” in which all of the classrooms come together to have fun and participate all together in Sunday School!
One of our Momentum Kids nights, Summer 2015!

One of our Momentum Kids nights, Summer 2015!


Adventure Kids is a Wednesday Evening Program for children ages 4 through 5th grades. 
We meet from 7:00pm – 8:30pm at Faith Tabernacle Church.
Our mission is to see young boys and girls of today becoming the leaders of tomorrow… we do this by teaching about Jesus and His leadership, as well as going on ADVENTURES. Adventures include trips to the skating rink, farms, train rides, and more! Stay up to date by following FTC Kids on Facebook and Instagram! 
If you have any questions,
call Candace Orton at (716) 434-5451 ext. 201.