Faith Tabernacle Prayer Ministries

Faith Tab depends on the power of God through prayer. We are after an authentic prayer culture, and throughout the week there are several opportunities to pray together within the church family. 
Do You Need Prayer? 
Call our church office (716) 434-5451 to submit your prayer request, or click here to submit your request online.  Your request will be kept confidential within the ministerial staff. 
Freedom Prayer
This prayer session is intended for individuals who are seeking deliverance, whether it is from bitterness, rebellion, pride, addiction or the like. 
Transformation Prayer
Transformation Prayer is an extended prayer session wherein the goal is to expose lie-based thoughts or ideas about ourselves, others, or even God. We then pray and seek the Holy Spirit to transform those thoughts and replace them with the truth of Jesus. 
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Healing Prayer
Specifically for individuals seeking healing, whether in physical healing or emotional healing. 
Prayer Chain
This ministry is set up to activate people to pray for a specific person or need. When activating the prayer chain, you would first call the church office (716) 434-5451, and explain the concern and need for prayer. The prayer chain would then be activated and the prayer request made known so that it can be passed on to the rest of the chain. The result is a large group of people all praying for your specific need. All requests are kept confidential within the prayer chain. 
8:30am – 9:00am | Corporate Prayer for our Morning Service | Main Sanctuary
Sunday Mornings |  9:00am – 9:45am | Weekly Focused Prayer Topics | Hospitality Room
First Saturday Each Month | 8:00am | Prayer for our church, community, etc. | Main Sanctuary