Transformation Prayer is available by appointment. Please call our church office (716) 434-5451 to schedule a time to receive Transformation Prayer. 


What does Transformation Prayer Look Like?

The purpose of Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) is to facilitate an encounter with the living God. He is the One who heals and sets us free.

Basic Principles

  1. Our present situation is rarely the true cause of our ongoing emotional pain. Our history, emotional baggage, and internalized lies affect our present circumstances more than we realize. It is easier to blame what we feel on others and what is happening in our life than to own it as our own responsibility.
  2. There is a “dual mental process” in each of us. A dual mental process is constantly at work in each of us as we associate what is currently happening with our history, while staying focused on the current events. This helps us interpret current events, but can be destructive if we believe lies.
  3. People can hold two or more opposing beliefs at the same time. (double minded) What we believe to be true cognitively and logically may not match what we believe to be true experientially and emotionally. When this causes us to subconsciously disbelieve God’s Word we must get to the root of our false beliefs.
  4. Feelings are important indicators of our true beliefs. When truth is experiential, it tends to be coupled with emotion. Emotion flows from belief.
  5. If I believe a lie, the consequences will be much the same as if it were true. If we believe a lie to be true, it will play itself out in our lives as though it were true. This gives lies enormous power to dictate much of our present reality.
  6. To be free of the lies we believe, we must own them rather than deny them. Freedom requires honestly acknowledging our emotional pain and taking responsibility for its corresponding beliefs and any sinful action those beliefs lead to.
  7. Sinful behavior is often a vain attempt to manage our emotional pain. It is easier to act our sinfully than to address the reasons we are emotionally stirred up. When we are angry we may strike out at others; when we feel alone we may overeat or indulge in other fleshly pleasures; when we feel afraid we may withdraw, hide or disobey God’s calling.
  8. “Performance-based” spirituality is not true spirituality. Only as we are willing to acknowledge what we feel and expose our false thinking are we able to experience more consistent victory. We cannot stand on the truth very long if it is contrary to our feelings (due to our beliefs). True spirituality is experiencing God’s power in us and being able to act appropriately in any present situation.
  9. When we receive truth from God in memories where we harbored lie-based thoughts, we can walk in effortless victory in these areas. When God replaces the lie with truth, we find genuine release and peace where we once knew only pain.
  10. Only an encounter with the presence of Jesus through the Holy Spirit can free us from the lies we believe. As we experience the emotional pain in memories, we realize we are helpless on our own strength.
  11. We are in emotional bondage due to two basic factors—belief and choice. The belief system that has us stuck is primarily rooted in our experiences. What we learn from experience is much more influential in our decision making that what we have learned passively through study and instruction. Generally, God will not over rule our free will. When we really choose to move forward, we find peace.
  12. The written Word of God is the standard validating what occurs in ministry.
  13. Lie-based pain can only be removed as lies are replaced with truth. Whereas the only remedy for sin-based pain is the cross of Jesus.
  14. Mind renewal is a lifelong process.



Outline of Ministry Session:

  • Explain the process to the recipient and obtain their permission to proceed.
  • Identify the presenting emotions.
  • Encourage the ministry recipient to lay aside current issues.
  • Follow the present emotions to their  lie-based source (memory).
  • Identify and deal with any hindrances. (defense mechanisms, demonic interference, etc.)
  • Identify the lie-based thinking.
  • Take the lie-based thinking to Jesus for His truth.
  • Check to see if the original memory is completely calm and peaceful, if not   repeat process.
  • Deal with any truth based emotions that may surface.

Your Part in the Session:

  • Honesty-openness
  • Don’t suppress feelings—own them : have the courage to bear the discomfort and press on, God will help you bear the discomfort.
  • Don’t analyze, we want God’s answers.

Our Part in the Session:

  • To help you reach an attitude or condition where you are open to receive God’s truth.
  • Our ministers are not here to rescue you for that would interfere with the working of God.

A Checklist for Inner Healing

  1. Were you greatly embarrassed when you were a child or young adult?
  2. Can you see a pattern of hurtful events beginning early in your life, building one upon the other?
  3. Do you wish you were someone else? Dislike yourself? Ever wish you had never been born?
  4. Do you have a learning disability such as dyslexia, which was not diagnosed in childhood? Do you have any other kind of limiting handicap?
  5. Are there habits (“Besetting sins”) that control you, such as smoking, pornography, alcoholism, etc.?
  6. Do you dislike the opposite sex, or your own sex?
  7. Do you have unreasonable fears?
  8. Do you often find your reaction to something is out of proportion to whatever the stimulus was?
  9. Do you have a recurring memory of a past hurt? Does it still trouble you to think about it?
  10. Are there people you can’t forgive? Do you have trouble asking someone else to forgive you?
  11. Do you have overwhelming feelings of guilt?
  12. Do you find it nearly impossible to admit making a mistake? Do you usually look for someone to blame for what goes wrong in your life?
  13. Do you have a nearly continuous feeling of anger inside? Are you usually critical in your remarks or thoughts about others?
  14. Do you go on compulsive overeating, undereating or drinking binges?
  15. Do you have a fantasy world which you escape?
  16. Are you obsessed with sexual thoughts or fantasies?
  17. Do you have physical illnesses that has no known cause?
  18. Do you suffer from depression frequently, or over long periods of time?
  19. Do you have frequent nightmares or troubling recurring dreams?
  20. Do you suffer from physical or mental exhaustion from wrestling with inner problems?
  21. Do you have difficulty sleeping, or do you want to sleep too much? (Check for physical causes also.)
  22. Are you extremely restless or constantly “on the go”? Are you unable to sit and relax from time to time?
  23. Are you a workaholic? Do you feel guilty if you aren’t doing something “productive”? Are you always striving for approval of others?
  24. Were you an adult before you ever felt loved by another person?
  25. Do you often compare yourself with others and end up feeling inadequate and discouraged?
  26. Do you have a constant need for physical affection, or do you not like to be touched at all?
  27. Do you have a deep sense of insecurity, feeling unloved or disapproved of?
  28. Do you have a hard time being consistent in your spiritual life?
  29. Is it hard to believe God loves your or approves of you?
  30. Do you find it difficult to give and receive love?